Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital

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Eyes Care

Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital provides world-class eye care to people suffering from eye related problems that can be easily cured.

Main objectives of Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital

• To be a center of excellence in eye care research, training, prevention, and cure.
• To reduce avoidable blindness by providing continual quality services to those in need.
• To offer complementary, affordable, total eye care services under one roof that are accessible to all communities.
• To promote community awareness and education on eye care.
• To strive for improved performance
• To provide quality eye care to patients to their satisfactions.
• To develop and harness human potential for improved and enhanced eye care of the patients.
• To upgrade systems for enhanced patient satisfaction.

Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital

Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital was established by Mata Nanki Foundation, U.K. for providing good health care facilities to the people of Punjab. Bibi Balwant Kaur Ji, Founder of Mata Nanaki Foundation, has dream to start a hospital. In this area, many of people are not able to go hospitals because these hospitals either are far or have to be paid highly fees. So, with the help of donors around the world, this hospital was started