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What We do and how we do it

Emergency Services

A comprehensive emergency department exists, which provides life saving medical services to patients under one roof. It caters to medical, pediatric, trauma and surgical emergencies round the clock. The emergency block has attached laboratory, X ray/ Ultrasound/ ECG and 3 operation theatres functioning round the clock. The hospital provides much needed emergency care to the people of this area. The goal of Hospital's Emergency Department is to provide prompt, compassionate, excellent care to all patients finding themselves in need of unexpected medical care. When you need us, we want to be there for you.                                                      

O.P.D. Services

The Outpatient Center provides customer oriented, comprehensive services. In O.P.Ds Specialists are available for consultation. O.P.D Timings for as below:

Emergency Services

The Hospital Pharmacy is responsible for procurement of drugs and dressing materials. The medicine are distributed to the staff members and general public on the counter. Hospital Pharmacy made an arrangement for emergency purchases with the local chemist This department provided round the clock services to the Hospital and dispensed some preparations which were not available otherwise in the open market. Hospital Pharmacy is fully Computerize.

Lab Facilities

Hospital have all modern labs with latest medical equipments for the proper care of patients. All labs are fully computerize Following Lab Facilities are available in Hospital : • X-ray • ECG • Ultrasound • Blood Test All types of tests are available • BIO CHEMISTRY: FBS,RBS & PPBS, GTT, S. AMYLASE etc. • HORMONE ASSAY: T3,T4 & TSH, TORCH (IgA,IgG,IgM), PROLACTIN, PROGESTERONE etc. • SEROLOGY & IMMUNOLOGY: TOXOPLASMA, H.I.V. 1 & 2, VDRL, HBsAG TEST etc. • LIPIDOGRAM: T.CHOLESTEROL, HDL CHOLESTEROL, TRIGLYCERIDES etc. • RENAL FUNCTION TEST • SEMEN EXAMINATION • PREGNANCY TEST • LIVER FUNCTION TEST All other blood tests are doing here with analyzer

Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital

Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital was established by Mata Nanki Foundation, U.K. for providing good health care facilities to the people of Punjab. Bibi Balwant Kaur Ji, Founder of Mata Nanaki Foundation, has dream to start a hospital. In this area, many of people are not able to go hospitals because these hospitals either are far or have to be paid highly fees. So, with the help of donors around the world, this hospital was started