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Sponsored Walk


Target £ 100,000.00

I Jaipal Singh want to do a sponsored Charity walk from Bebe Nanki Gurdwara, Sultanpur Lodhi, India to Nankana Sahib Pakistan a distance of approximately 250 KM. This walk is to raise funds for a Charitable Hospital in Rural area of Punjab, India known as Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital. It provides affordable medical facilities and in many cases offer free service. It holds monthly medical camps in remote villages some times sponsored by other charities. In November last year it gave the gift of eye sight to over 120 people together with sponsorship from United Sikh Mission of California.

Over the year it operates on more than 1000 patients who are virtually blind. The Hospital also provide service in other disciplines but specialises in eye related diseases.

The Hospital started in year 2000 and now need new equipment and building repairs. As it is a charitable Hospital it does not generate profit and needs the support of kind and generous people who donate the money and I am hoping to bring this awareness to all those who currently provide funds and recruit new donors both locally and abroad ,f my friends in UK who have agreed to sponsor me and encouraged me to do this walk, my sincere thanks to Mr Ravinder Singh Chahal who has pledged 1500 pounds sterling, and another friend Mr Avtar Singh Saran has pledged 1000 pounds there are many other friends who have pledged to sponsor me but to mention their names will make a long list and I would like to thank them and will endeavour to do this walk starting on 23nd February 2014.

I was walking on my own initially but on hearing my cause Mr Tarlochan Singh Chana has volunteered to walk with me. I believe his cousin also want to join in on this walk to raise funds. Only today 22nd January I had a call from Mrs Bobby Bhambra saying she too would like join in this walk. I am very grateful to them and hope they will get the Visa to visit Pakistan.

Last time I walked twenty miles was a route march, part of my Airforce Training when I was 19 years old and now at 75 years and six months and having had double bypass and stroke recently I hope I will be able to complete the walk and help raise funds for this worthy cause and I am sure all those who read this appeal will give generously.

I will be stopping over night on the way at Gurdwaras and also learn some sikh History and stories related to the Gurdwaras and this will also enlighten the people following my trail or visiting the face book page.

My Journey starts from Sultanpur Lodhi at 6am 23nd February 2014 see map.

Sultanpur Lodhi was an important town in the days of Guru Nannak G N worked and lived here before starting his missionary journeys. Here he wrote Japji Sahib the Root of Guru Granth Sahib.

Arrive at Goindwal, rest for the night and leave for Tarantarn at 6 am the following day.
Goindwal is famous as this town was built by Guru Amar Das. There is an old Gurdwara with Baoli leading to the river having 84 Steps. It is said that who ever will recite Japji at each step before having bath in the river will realise paradise.
Arrive at Taran Tarn and rest overnight

Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital

Mata Nanki Charitable Hospital was established by Mata Nanki Foundation, U.K. for providing good health care facilities to the people of Punjab. Bibi Balwant Kaur Ji, Founder of Mata Nanaki Foundation, has dream to start a hospital. In this area, many of people are not able to go hospitals because these hospitals either are far or have to be paid highly fees. So, with the help of donors around the world, this hospital was started